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Scenes from the 2011 Bay Area Girls Rock Camp Art Auction, with Thao & Mirah

The Bay Area Girls Rock Camp serves a great purpose: empowering young girls through music. On Friday 2/4/11, it appeared that many others agreed with this idea, as the organization’s 2011 Art Auction saw a significant and energetic turnout.

The evening’s performers, Thao and Mirah, put on a fantastic performance, and were also truly happy to be there, praising the organization’s efforts several times over the course of the evening.

And in an unusual turn of events, someone threw a toothbrush onto the stage during Thao and Mirah’s set. In lieu of laughing it off or tossing it aside, Thao proceeded to go the resourceful route and use the toothbrush to strum her guitar during a solo tune. Well done.

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