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Support our Rock Camp


At BAGRC, we work with a small budget, a five-person staff collective, and hundreds of awesome volunteers. We depend on the contributions of our community to sustain our work, and make possible programs for our campers. From tax-deductible monetary donations, to goods, services, and volunteering time and input on our Camp—we couldn't do this without you. 

Donate Gear/Instruments/Equipment

Note: We will not be accepting gear donations during the months of June, July, or August. 

We are currently accepting a limited amount of gear.

Gear donations will be used in our programs, shared within our community, or auctioned/re-sold for fundraising.


To inquire about donating gear or to schedule a drop off, please e-mail along with the following information:

Your name:

Value of your donation (if you'd like a receipt for your taxes):

Type of gear you'd like to donate:

Condition of the gear:

Anything else we should know:

Make  a donation through Paypal, or via phone: 

To make a donation via PayPal, click the link below or click here


Questions or concerns?

Call 510-267-1808

or email

Donate Goods & Services

  • Venue & Events Space: Every year we struggle to find venues to host our showcases and to hold our fundraiser events. As prices in the Bay Area continue to rise, we can use all of the support we can get. Do you have a venue or events space in Oakland? Let's talk! 

  • A Permanent Space: We are in search of a space to call our own, preferably in or near downtown Oakland. In our dream space, in addition to our current programs, we would offer affordable group and private lessons, practice spaces for bands, ongoing workshops, a year-round community space for girls, trans, & gender-expansive youth, recording and performance opportunities, and lots more. If you would like to donate a building to us, or have any leads on affordable spaces to rent, please get in touch! 

  • Food, Beverages, Snacks: Leftovers, coffee/tea/beverages, catered food, restaurant discounts, and snack items are a huge help during our programs and year round! We strive to provide meals and snacks to feed hundreds of volunteers and campers during our events and programs. Anything helps!

  • Videographers, Photographers, and Audio Recorders: Help us record showcases! We are looking for folks with their own recording, audio, and camera equipment who can also edit and upload the material after showcases.

  • Prize Items: We hold silent auctions and raffles as a way to raise funds or celebrate our volunteers. Any donations that can be used as a prize helps us circulate resources in our community! Some examples of ideal prizes are: gift certificates (massage/body work, restaurants, cafes, movie theater, beauty services, spa etc.), entertainment, concert tickets, high end music equipment, services, etc. Have something in mind? Let us know!

  • Screen-Printing Services: We rely on screen-printing donation services to print band t-shirts for our youth and to print our own merchandise. 

  • Healing and Wellness Services: Massage, therapy, tarot readings, acupuncture, tinctures, etc etc etc. We appreciate the healers in our community so much! We welcome any level of donation you'd like to give. 

  • Air Miles or Flight Discounts: Our staff attend an annual conference with the Girls Rock Camp Alliance. Your donations of flight discounts or air miles will help staff members attend the conference and support our professional development as a team!

  • Other professional services

Would you like to donate something not on this list? We would love to hear about it and thank you for your consideration. Please email with any additional inquiries! Thank you!

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