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Rock Camp

Our summer camp is a week-long program for young people ages 8-18.  Campers attend instrument lessons, form a band, collaboratively write an original song, participate in daily music and empowerment-related workshops, and perform with their band at a live showcase at the end of the week.

Camp runs Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. Showcases will take place at a location to be determined in Oakland, on a Saturday from 2-5pm. See detailed schedule below.


Camp is held at Oakland School for the Arts at 530 18th Street in Downtown Oakland. The camp is fully accessible with access to elevators.

Cost & Financial Aid:

Tuition is $0-$550 sliding scale, with no one turned away for lack of funds. Full and partial financial aid is readily available. If you plan on applying for financial aid, please fill in the financial aid application in addition to the camper application so that we can determine your tuition amount.  Otherwise, full tuition is $550.



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Is Experience Required?

No music experience necessary! Enrollment is limited to 80 campers per session and registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. 


What is Teen Week?
Session 1 of summer is Teen Week, it is specifically designed for Junior High/Middle School and High School aged students. All sessions are open to teens with curriculums for all ages, but Teen Week is focused in on teenagers' interests with curriculums designed for them specifically.

Camp Activities

  • Instrument instruction:
    • Campers sign up to learn bass, drums, guitar, keyboards, or vocals, and attend daily lessons in small groups.  No musical experience is required and campers are grouped by experience level. We provide instruments for everyone (but campers are welcome to bring their own guitar or bass).
  • Band practice:
    • Campers form bands with their peers on the first day of camp, and work together to collaboratively write an original song. Each band works with two female mentors (their "band managers") who provide guidance, encouragement and technical support throughout the songwriting process.
  • Workshops:
    • Campers attend a different workshop each day, all geared toward self-expression and building confidence, while challenging gender stereotypes and addressing discrimination. Workshops may include Music Herstory, Zine & Comic Making, Screenprinting, Image & Identity, Healthy Relationships, Video-making, Songwriting, How to Book a Show, Self-Defense, Alternative Instruments and more.
  • Lunchtime Performances:
    • Each day at lunch we invite a band or performer to play for the campers and talk afterward about their experience as musicians. In order to expose campers to new types of music and different performance styles, we invite musicians from a variety of genres.
  • Showcase:
    • On Saturday afternoon, each band performs its original song at a live showcase, attended by 300-400 friends, family and adoring fans.


Sample Schedule

Note: During all sessions campers are divided into 2 age groups, we reserve 40 spots for each age group to ensure an equal distribution.

8:30-9:00: Camper Arrival & Check-in  (Arrive at 8:00 on Monday for initial check-in)
9:00-9:30: Morning Assembly
9:30-11:30: Instrument Instruction
11:30-12:30: Lunch & Live Performance
12:30-2:30: Loud Band Practice
2:30-3:00: Quiet Band Practice & Snack
3:00-4:30: Workshop
4:30-5:00: Afternoon Assembly/Open Mic/Presentation 

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Application notes:

We use a rolling application process, enrollment is first-come, first-served. Once we process your application, a spot is reserved for your camper. However, an instrument is not assigned until we receive both the Express Yourself piece and a tuition payment.

We do not assign bands before the camp session begins. On the first day of camp, we have Band Formation activities that help inform the band assignments, and we take many different factors into account when forming the bands. If your camper has a friend at camp that they would like to be in a band with, they can indicate that on their Band Formation activity sheet on the first day.


We need your help! We can't keep our programs running without the support of our donors and volunteers. Please take a look here to see how you can give your support during our programs!


If you have any questions, feel free to call our office at (510) 267-1808 or email