Volunteer @ Summer Camp 2022

pei@bayareagirlsrockcamp.org for more info!

Key Dates
Volunteer training & camp week at Malonga, 1428 Alice Street.  Showcases at OakStop, 1721 Broadway.

Volunteer Training
Sat 7/9, about 12-6pm

Required for all those volunteering in a mentorship role unless you attended the training Summer 2021 or Winter 2022.  Returning volunteers only need to attend about 12-3:30pm.

Session 1 -- BIPOC campers & volunteers only
Camp week is Tue 7/12 to Sat 7/16
Showcase is Sun 7/17

Session 2 -- Teen Week
Camp week is Tue 7/19 to Sat 7/23
Showcase is Sun 7/24

Session 3
Camp week is Tue 7/26 to Sat 7/30
Showcase is Sun 7/31

Mentorship Roles
These roles are open to self-identified women, trans and/or gender expansive people ages 19+ who are ideally available during one entire camp week or multiple camp weeks if you want (showcase is optional)!  Fill as many roles as you'd like! No stipend at this time due to budgetary constraints.

Instrument Instructor 1-2:30pm -- Co-teach drums, guitar, keyboard or vocals to a group of 2-5 campers.  It is required that you have an interest in working with youth as well as beginner level experience (or more) with the instrument you would like to teach; teaching experience not required.  All equipment provided.  Groups are mixed age (8-18) and mixed level.  Whenever possible, adapt curriculum as guided by the different learning styles and musical interests of the group.  Teach technical skills as well as means of self expression.  Lessons give campers skills they can put to use right away in their afternoon band practice.

Band Coach or Band Manager 3-4:30 or 5pm -- We aim to match each band of 4-5 youth with a Band Coach and a Band Manager to help guide their songwriting process as needed during band practice, such as with goal setting, constructive feedback and mediating conflicts.  Band Coaches are required to have basic experience setting up equipment, troubleshooting sound problems, and playing one or more of the instruments we offer (drums, guitar, keyboard, vocals).  Band Coaches and Band Managers are required to have an interest in working with youth. Loud band practice is 3-4:30pm, quiet band practice is 4:30-5pm.

Workshops & Performers
These roles are open to self-identified women, trans and/or gender expansive people.  Contact grace@bayareagirlsrockcamp.org for more info.

12:30-1pm any day tueday-saturday of the camp week

Workshop Leaders
5-6pm wednesday or thursday of the camp week

Roles Behind the Scenes
These roles are open to all people ages 15+. Helping out any amount of time will make a large impact and you will meet nice people! * indicates the dates we need the most help.

Roadie 7/9*, 7/16, 7/17, 7/23, 7/24, 7/30*, 7/31 -- Help us move stuff and bring a friend!  No experience required.  Experience assembling or dissembling drum kits is a plus.

Showcase Crew 7/16, 7/17*, 7/23, 7/24*, 7/30, 7/31* -- At the end of the camp week, campers perform their original songs.  The Showcase Crew puts the show on!  No experience required for helping out at the door, merch table, or moving gear. Some experience required to be a videographer, audio recorder, photographer, guitar tuner, sound person, co-stage manager (quickly plugging in instruments and troubleshooting sound problems).



Who are our volunteers?

Our volunteer base is a large and growing network of musicians, artists, educators, youth advocates, friends, family members, and more! Bay Area Girls Rock Camp absolutely depends on our wonderful, generous volunteers to keep programs running. There are a variety of volunteer positions to fit your interests, skills and availability. We need so much help and there is so much fun to be had. Even just one hour will make a large impact.

Our campers reflect the rich diversity of the Bay Area; they come from a wide range of identities, neighborhoods and socio-economic backgrounds; two-thirds are BIPOC.  We strive to create a board, staff and volunteer base that reflects this diversity, and strongly encourage BIPOC, self-identified women, trans, and gender non-binary people to volunteer.

Bay Area Girls Rock Camp is primarily led by and for women, girls, trans, and non-binary people. We value diversity, inclusion, and sensitivity towards all individuals. We welcome the support of cis-male-identified allies, and expects those who would like to volunteer to respect the importance of leadership by women, trans and non-binary people.


volunteer testimonials

"I felt really empowered. I love that this exists and it gives me so much hope for future generations!"