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We rely on the support of our expansive community to make our programs accessible for youth and volunteers! We accept many types of donations ranging from cash, instruments, food, event spaces, and more! Visit our donation page for more information.

Some examples of desired donations:

To support our programming:

  • Use of your events space or venue for our showcases

  • One-time monetary donations of any amount

  • Weekly, monthly, or yearly monetary donations of any amount

  • Working gear for use during programs

  • Coffee, Tea, non-alcoholic beverages

  • Snacks

  • Catered meals

To support our fundraising:

  • Prize items such as gift cards, concert tickets, theatre tickets, gift bags, etc.

  • High-end gear to be auctioned or sold

  • Alcoholic beverages for events


Do you have an interest in sharing your time with a youth focused non-profit in the SF Bay Area? We need you now more than ever! Volunteer roles vary depending on how you are interested in being involved. We have a variety of volunteer positions, short-term & long-term, youth-based or administrative, and more! Visit our volunteer page for more information. 

Here are some examples of volunteer positions:

  • Instrument Instructors 

  • Band Coaches/Managers

  • Workshop leaders 

  • Photographers 

  • Screen-printers 

  • Audio & Video recorders 

  • Administrative Support - Book keeping, accounting, grant writing, data entry, etc.

... and much more!! 


Are you apart of a youth program, community space, or workplace that would like to invite us to table, speak, or give a workshop? Or would you like to offer a specific skill or service to us?

 We'd love to talk with you about all the possibilities.

Please email for all inquiries. 

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