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Our campers reflect the rich diversity of the Bay Area; they come from a wide range of neighborhoods and socio-economic backgrounds, and two-thirds are youth of color.  We strive to create a board, staff and volunteer base that reflects this diversity, and strongly encourage people of color to apply.

A special note to male-identified allies: Bay Area Girls Rock Camp is primarily led by and for women and girls. We also value diversity, inclusion, and sensitivity towards all individuals, regardless of gender identity or expression. The organization welcomes the support of male-identified allies, and expects male-identified allies who would like to volunteer to respect the importance of leadership by women.

VOLUNTEER AT OUR PROGRAMS - Leadership, support, musical, and non-musical roles are available during Summer Camp, the Girls Rock After School Program, and Women's Rock Camp. 

ONGOING OPPORTUNITIES - There are a number of ways to get involved throughout the year, even when programs are not in session.

Here's what people are saying about volunteering with BAGRC:

"[I gained] so many professional skills related to my teaching all the warm fuzzies from being around awesome kids and mentors and watching them create and experience music while giving them a safe space to allow them to be themselves. It definitely inspired me to practice more, let go and to not be afraid of making noise on my own, too."
"I love being a volunteer at camp. It always rejuvenates me and makes me feel empowered. I think being a volunteer at camp is just as or even more empowering than being a camper because not only am I growing as a person--I also get to leave with the knowledge that I taught the campers everything I could and that I hopefully left some mark for lovin music with them."
"I feel more capable of working with children. And other people. This experience has been very eye-opening as to what my next professional adventures may be like."
"I've worked with a lot of youth programs prior to this - primarily in community organizing. One thing that was really refreshing at Girls Rock is the bottom up approach. There is a real problem with progressive groups 'doing good' but working top-down, particularly in the Bay Area, and so props to you all!"
"It has definitely made me a better musician and educator and thinker and friend and community member. It is the best thing I know of."
"I felt really empowered. I love that this exists and it gives me so much hope for future generations!"
  • Sign up to volunteer at the Women's Rock Camp Sampler here