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Teambuilding at the Rock 'N' Bowl

Sunday, May 15, 2016    2:00-4:00pm   The Albany Bowl, 540 San Pablo Ave, Albany CA

Forming a Rock 'n' Bowl fundraising team is a fun and unique opportunity for staff to practice collaboration and communication while giving back to the community. The event is also an opportunity for your organization to spread the word about your work and your charitable giving!  Businesses who participated in previous event included Black Spring Coffee, Econo Jam Records, and Pandora.

Basic Event Info

  ▸  Rock n Bowl homepage
  ▸  Team Info Page: rules, deadlines, & other important information, and the Ultimate Guide to the Rock n Bowl has tips on fundraising.

Why The Rock 'N' Bowl?


Group members work together while building communication, teamwork, and leadership skills in a fun, non-work environment!  Collaborative opportunities include:
  ✯ Get together to create a team name, costume theme (optional), outreach plan & personal fundraising pages
  ✯ Film a 60-second fundraising video together
  ✯ Plan and host an event to solicit donations for the fundraising team, or a thank you to donors (BBQ, cocktail party, brunch, etc)
  ✯ Planning and constructing team costumes

Giving Back

Working together for a good cause gives the group a chance to connect around a shared goal of supporting young people in the community. If your company matches donations, the group will see any funds they donate go even further!

Outreach & Promotions

  ✯ Your team may use the opportunity to promote your group via their team name and/or costumes.
  ✯ Raise visibility by donating to the Silent Auction.
  ✯ Share promotional items with the 100+ event attendees (via the info/welcome table).
  ✯ Receive a thank you letter and photo to hang on the wall of your establishment, and get a shout out via BAGRC's newsletter, Facebook, and Twitter (5000+ contacts).


Contact Voula O'Grady, BAGRC Development Coordinator, at or (510) 267-1808.

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