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Rock Prom Fundraising Guide

  • Make it personal– make phone calls or send personalized emails, and let people know why you believe that BAGRC is a great cause to support!  Fun photos of BAGRC youth & quick facts about our work are here.
  • Donate to your own team– it helps kickstart donations and shows people you are truly dedicated to the cause.
  • Ask your favorite local businesses or your employer to sponsor your team. Many employers also match employee donations.
  • Ask in person– people are twice as likely to donate if you ask in person.
  • Follow up with everyone you’ve asked to donate.  A reminder email with an update on your progress will encourage those who haven’t donated to get on board. When someone donates to your team, be sure to thank them right away, and continue to keep them posted on your progress.
  • Use social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) to promote your team. Our event hashtag is #rockpromthesequel
  • TIP: The Rock Prom site offers an email that you can send to your contacts, but we’ve found that it’s easier to use your own email and include a link to your Rock Prom page.
  • Pick up Rock Prom postcards from our office (give us a call to make sure we’re in, 510.267.1808) or ask us to mail them to you!


Contact Sep Mashiahof at or (510) 267-1808.

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