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60/30 Campaign

Can you help us get enough volunteer power to run Session 1 of camp before the volunteer training on June 10th? Read on to find out how!

We have 60 volunteer roles to fill by June 10th, and we are currently at 73% of the volunteer power we need! Can you help us fill the 16 additional volunteer roles we need to run camp?

How to help us power up⚡:


Fill out the volunteer application ASAP to apply for any session (but especially Session 1!). 


Have you loved volunteering with Rock Camp? Want to tell the world why? Create a short video (30 seconds, no longer than 1 minute) or a brief written testimonial (150 words or less) about your volunteer experience with Rock Camp and why you would encourage others to get involved. Send your testimonial to and share it with your networks! Submissions will be shared on this page and in web communications. 


  • Share the promo graphic and volunteer application ( on social media and in your e-mail signature
  • Call 3 friends--can you think of 3 people who have expressed interest in camp before, but haven't gotten involved or signed up for this summer yet? Give them a ring and encourage them to sign up today!
  • Tell your friends they rock!--And how they can join the Rock Camp family. Pick up volunteer nomination cards from our office (call ahead to arrange), or e-mail to have a stack mailed to you
     Volunteer Nomination Cardvolunteer nomination card 2

♥ Why We Do This Work ♥

Here's what five 2017 campers had to say about why they are excited about coming to Rock Camp this summer:

“I enjoy Bay Area Girls Rock Camp because I feel like I am always included and cared about. I love to be at camp and be able to interact with other people in such an accepting and respecting environment, and I can't wait until I can come again. Camp is a safe place for me to be me” -Camper, age 13
“I always loved music and kids bop and I have my own boom box. I can dance all day and never get tired. I want to come to this camp because I can really be the rock star I know I really am and I can show my mom and the world.” -Camper, age 8
“I am excited to go to Girls Rock Camp because it is the only place where I feel safe and supported to be out as trans. I really love to come together with new people and make music.” -Camper, age 11
“I am 10, with a voice and a brain. I am nothing without my music, I can express myself and show people the real me. I live through my music, and music lives through me. Girls Rock Camp sounds like a chance to learn more about music, about being a band and working together.” -Camper,  age 10
“I think this is one of the coolest camps ever. I like that it's mostly girls and no one really expects you to be perfect. It's about having fun and learning. When I get old enough I want to work at the camp or volunteer. I can't wait til my little sister is old enough to go, too.” -Camper, age 12